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Data Analysis and Visualization


DATA Engineering ON DEMAND

Leaf & Square Consulting helps companies build state-of-the-art software and analytics.


  • System architecture design - strategies for data collection, storage, and use
  • Data gathering and normalization - scraping, collecting, and ETL
  • Software / application engineering and operation
  • Statistical analysis and original research
  • Predictive modeling
  • UI/UX design for data-rich interfaces

Cameron Matthews - Principal

After graduating from Stanford, I began my career in finance, strategy, and business intelligence at a 10k-person technology company, managing a data-driven, tactical team and working closely with executive leadership. I saw the impact and strategic advantage of a team like that and started Leaf & Square to provide that service, on-demand.

With broad industry experience ranging from autonomous vehicle research, to insurance product development, to sports analytics, and beyond, I know how important it is for our clients to have a technology partner they can trust to deliver using engineering and analytics best-practices, while also incorporating the client’s valuable domain expertise.


Leaf & Square is based in Redwood City, CA. Email info@leafandsquare.com to learn more about our services or schedule a free preliminary consultation and assessment of needs.

In archaeological excavation, a "leaf and square" is a versatile tool used in both digging and delicate work, helping reveal artifacts and patterns long buried. I started Leaf & Square Consulting to help companies get the same out of their data.

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